New Year Greetings

06/01/2015 22:11

I think it would be proper with the arrival of the New Year to reflect on the one that has passed. It was an exceptionally successful year, full of beautiful concerts some of which I would like to bring to mind.
In March it was the “Party for quartets” a conjoint project of quartets Abateva from Plzeň and Flautas de Colores. The concert was recorded by TV Noe. A sequel took place in autumn. These two concerts were praised by the audience both in Brno and in Plzeň.
In June we started to record our first CD. We introduced it at concerts in Brno within the Varhanní podzim (Organ autumn) festival and also in Vienna, in Klentnice and in Lelekovice. The CD was first presented on 12th November under the patronage of Clara Novák, an eminent flute player and a daughter of a composer Jan Novák. Also the performances during the openings of Jíří Netík or Magdalena Říčná have been unforgettable.
Practically the whole year was filled with beautiful music events and experiences. If I said it was not challenging it would not be true. However, the amount of happiness that we experienced together with you, dear audience, is not easy to express in writing. We thank you for your fantastic response expressed both in person and by e-mail. We are so glad that you like our music and right now we are looking forward to as well as preparing our new concerts. For now, I will reveal that we are going to perform within the music cycle “Barbara Maria Willi uvádí (Barbara Maria Willi introduces)” in Brno on 16th April as well as within the Evenings at Capuchins in Prague Hradčany on 3rd July.
If you want to read more about us you can visit the music website “Brno, město hudby (Brno, the city of music)” where you can find a fresh review of our CD Pall Mall.