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Prorok větru - multižánrový projekt
Prorok větru
NEWS - The Prophet of the Wind - multigenre poject
Back up a multigenre project called The Prophet of the Wind telling a story about Natan and which is the first music performance based on the eponymous novel by S. Biavaschi. The author of the project, music and the main protagonist is Martina Komínková.
There is a long path leading from the first idea up to its execution. To be able to present Natan, the prophet, to the Czech and Italian audience, we need a lot of energy and time as well as financial means and support. We believe that we can also manage more in a group than as a single person and, therefore, we would like to ask all our friends, aquaintances and fans to support our project. The money obtained will be used as a salary for our director, the video projection creator and for making audio recordings. Moreover, it will be spent on the two performances, the Italian premiere on 2 June and the Czech premiere in autumn 2019 in Brno.
Choose one of rewards and support this project. Thank you.
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Prorok větru

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